ACTIVA Dakota Gas Grill Trolley 5 Burner

$600.00 $350.00


  • Grill chef Gas Barbecue

    • Dimensions: Width 136cm x Height 106cm x Depth 58cm
    • 🔥 Quality – Operated the Activa gas grill with four burners and a side burner each with 3.2 kW – so a total of 16 kW which you can use effectively for grilling.
    • 🔥 Grill grates – the two included grill grates are chrome-plated and each have a size of 32 x 40 cm, so there is plenty of space for barbecues.
    • 🔥 Thermometer: with the temperature display in the lid of the Activa gas grill, you always have the perfect cooking temperature in view.
    • 🔥 Shelf – The base cabinet of the 4-burner and the two side storage compartments are available for storage.
    • 🔥 Adjustable temperature: Fully variable controller for the fan and thus the temperature. Perfect for meat, sausages, but also vegetables and bread



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