Quick Details
Type:                                Grill/oven/smoker
Model Number:             AU-23
Grill Type:                       Charcoal Grills
Metal Type:                     Stainless Steel
Material:                            Ceramic
Color:                                 Blue
Assembled Size:               134x81x122CM
size Diameter:                   61CM/ 23.5″
Dia of cooking grid:          52CM
Feature:                            Adjustable Height, Easily Assembled, Easily Cleaned, Electronic Pulse Ignition, Folding,                                                     Piezoelectric Ignition, Trolley
Safety Device:                  Flame Safety Device, High Pressure Protection Device, Oxygen Depletion Safety Device
Certification:                    3C, AGA, CE, CSA, GS, ITS
Product name:                  Extra Large Outdoor 23 Inch BBQ Grill Ceramic Auplex Kamado
Certificate:                         EN1860


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