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Ecological fireplace fan is designed to circulate the warm air flowing from the free-standing stove, at operating temperatures between 205 ° C and 345 ° C.

EKOWENT does not require a battery or other source of electrical power. The fan improves the circulation of the heated air and fuel in the furnace.

The fan starts its work alone and increases the speed of rotation with increasing temperature. If the temperature in the furnace decreases, the speed of the fan also decreases until it stops at the time of termination.

For optimum device performance, place the fan on the rear edge of the top plate of the stove, (as shown in the image). If the fan was placed at the front edge of the upper plate, the operation of the device will not be guaranteed.

The fan is designed for free-standing use on stoves operating temperature of 205 ° C ~ 345 ° C (400 ° F ~ 650 ° F). Temperature above indicated may damage the fan. The mechanism of heat-sensitive side of the fan is rotated slightly with increasing stove temperature. We recommend using a thermometer investigating the temperature of the stove.

NOTE: Overheated will decrease its performance and, consequently, may result in damage and void the warranty. If the oven temperature exceeds 345 ° C (650 ° F) should immediately remove the fan.

At the time of the fan base heats up, the device must be moved by moving the handle.

Do not place hot fan on unprotected surfaces that could be damaged by the action of the hot temperatures.

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